Facilities Services workers maintain the landscaping at Pentland Hills at UC Riverside on April 1, 2020. (UCR/Stan Lim)

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Facilities Services is one of the largest departments at UC Riverside, employing nearly 400 career employees. Our department consists of many units dedicated to providing exceptional service while maintaining an environment conducive to teaching, learning, living, working and research for the entire campus community. To learn more about our units, select any of our accordions below. 

If you have any Facilities related issues, please contact the Facilities Services front desk at (951) 827-4214 or facilities@ucr.edu.


Central Plant Services

Central Plant is the heart of the utility infrastructure on campus. It is staffed by plant operators and is operational 24/7. In addition to monitoring the sophisticated plant equipment, all after-hours trouble calls are received and triaged by the plant operators. The plant operators operate and maintain chillers, high pressure boilers, and auxiliary equipment such as compressed air and vacuum systems, domestic water, and pumps. Additionally, they maintain miles of service tunnels of which service the entire campus.

Client Support Services

Client Support Services aims to deliver extraordinary service and accurate information to everyone on campus so Facilities Services can provide a safe, healthy, growing, learning and living environment. Our mission is to be the premiere source of trusted, accurate, and timely information about the work we do for all who inquire. 

View our Client Support Services E-Portfolio.

  • Analysis and Asset Management

    Our Analysis and Asset Management team works with Facilities leadership to provide analytical numeric support related to budget, work performance, building analytical data, and more. We also:

    • Develops detailed reporting related to work order volume, history, accuracy, analysis.
    • Provides analytical and strategic support for department initiatives, projects, goal setting and campus-wide brand support.
    • Through the use of work order, warranty, and asset management tools, supports building asset management and UC ICAMP initiative including ongoing asset analysis and support, asset work updates, deferred maintenance and capital planning documentation, and more.
  • Building Zone Managers

    Dedicated to serve specific organizations, our building zone managers (BZM) act in an advisory capacity. By partnering with specific organizations with similar issues and concerns, BZMs have essential maintenance and construction expertise to answer your questions and be the bond between you and our specialty trade supervisors. Always remember to reach out to the FS Building Zone Manager, Enrico Baez / (951) 827-3817 with any technical craft questions in lieu of contacting any specialty trade supervisor. 

    To download our Building Zone Manager List, click here

  • Client Center

    Our Client Center is your first point of contact for everything Facilities related.

    We receive, review and quality check work order submissions for clients and staff. 

    Our team also:

    • Determines priority levels and routes to the appropriate skilled trade(s).  
    • Follows up on escalated issues and continues communication with customers as needed on heightened issues.
    • Communicates to leadership immediate concerns of potential campus impacts.
    • Receives emergency calls for service and dispatches appropriate staff to respond. 
    • Assists the client with request for service beyond routine work (e.g. minor space modifications/renovation).
    • Monitors open work orders for timely completion and customer satisfaction.

    Please reach out to the Client Center for all of your questions including the status of a work order. We can be reached at (951) 827-4214 or email facilities@ucr.edu with your inquiry. 

  • Communication Services

    Our Communication Services unit maintains the Facilities Services brand.

    Our team also: 

    • Identifies and manages Facilities Services outreach and engagement opportunities within the organization and throughout campus. 
    • Manages internal work communications to Facilities Services staff.
    • Manages the three (3) websites (Facilities Services, R’Projects and FS Employee Intranet) with all current information on services available, emergency communications (i.e. outages, status, etc), work order submission, client feedback and contact information.
    • Facilitates and creates communications and trainings on various topics for varying audiences. Collaborates with leadership to develop and improve training resources and assists with the creation and maintenance of quality assurance programs. 
    • Manages notifications and communications for emergency shutdown/service restoration, business continuity, minor renovation projects, major campus events and sustainability; ensures timely notification to the campus community.
    • Develops a social media presence to share information to users regarding services, outages, etc.                                      

Energy & Engineering Services

Energy and Engineering aims to advance UC Riverside's energy and utility infrastructure, energy procurement, energy efficiency, energy renewables and campus-wide sustainability goals to make UC Riverside number one in energy management & sustainability.

Visit our Energy Website!
View our Energy & Engineering E-Portfolio.

  • Energy & Utility Infrastructure

    Our Energy & Utility Infrastructure service area improves and further develops for UCR's energy and utility infrastructure. We also: 

    • Collaborate with several groups to identify & resolve critical infrastructure issues.
    • Support planning & design efforts for new construction and infrastructure projects.

    See our How Power Works presentation for 2022.

  • Energy Management, Sustainability & Outreach

    We focus on campus-wide energy reduction, water conservations and overall carbon footprint reduction measures. We also:

    • Apply advanced energy management practices & system optimization.
    • Promote environmental leadership, community, health & wellness.
  • Engineering

    Our Engineering team supports maintenance and central plant operations through professional engineering services. We also:

    • Assist building commissioning efforts for electrical, mechanical, controls and overall utility systems. 
  • Energy & Utility Procurement

    Our Energy and Utility Procurement area has established partnerships with local utilities and their representatives. Our services also include: 

    • Providing energy market trends, prices, volatility, risk management & mitigation strategies for purchased utilities.
    • Minimizing utility costs, maximizing profits.

Environmental & Resource Services

Environmental and Resource Services provides a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for all members of the campus community to live, learn and work.

  • Custodial Services

    Custodial Services is dedicated to providing the campus community with a healthy, safe, and clean environment to live, work and learn. We are committed to the campus' sustainability initiatives by executing a green cleaning program that uses sustainable chemicals, equipment and work methods that effectively clean, sanitize and maintain our facilities. Custodial and Housekeeping Services' list of services includes:


    • Routine cleaning in classrooms, offices, laboratories, residential facilities, hallways, stairwells, conference rooms and restrooms, according to established frequencies. 
    • Preventative maintenance of hard floors and carpeted areas.
    • Unlocking and locking of building entrances and general assignment classrooms.
    • Managing the integrated pest management program to ensure compliance.
    • Emergency and after-hours response 7 days a week, as needed.

    View our Cleaning Service Levels and Frequencies Schedule

  • Landscape Services

    Landscape Services maintains landscape, hardscape, and athletic recreation fields for the campus and residential areas. We provide services which include:

    • Tree trimming
    • Weed abatement
    • Irrigation maintenance
    • Street sweeping
    • Integrated pest management

    We also provide:

    • Waste, recycling, and composting removal from site containers and building dumpsters.
    • Waste transportation to campus transfer station or vendor site for processing. 
    • Specialized maintenance and compliance for campus Arroyos and other areas. 

    Landscape services levels and frequencies can be found here
    Hardscape, refuse, and recycling services levels and frequencies can be found here.  

  • Resource Management

    Resource Management provides moving and event set-up services. We provide services which include:

    • Transporting items for salvage.
    • Daily set-ups for conferences/meetings.
    • Coordinating with customers and vendors for large scale event set-up (i.e. commencement, student events, etc.).
    • Assessing and mitigating immediate repair needs, reports to appropriate service center for follow-up.
    • Providing support services to various Facilities Services operating unites based on need. 
    • Providing repair services for Facilities related equipment (i.e. floor care equipment, grounds equipment, farm equipment, heavy-duty specialty vehicles, etc.).
    • Managing assignment and use of 150 vehicles, coordinates temporary vehicles while vehicles are out for service or are in need of replacement.

    Event and Move requests must be placed 14 days in advance and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as we continue to face staffing shortages.
    Prior to submitting a request, please review the campus' event policy by clicking here: Events and Gatherings on Campus

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services provides quality maintenance and repair services in a timely, cost effective manner for all campus facilities. 

  • Access Control

    Our Access Control team manages all key card access systems, door and locking hardware. With a focus on security and safety of our campus community, our team is dedicated team to keeping these systems operational. Our team also:

    • Manages and maintains all mechanical and electronic locking systems; CCTV; elevators, security alarms and automated doors.
    • Creates keys and access cards for campus locations. 


  • Building Mechanical

    Our Building Mechanical team provides routine maintenance of all buildings that are supported by the campus Central Plant for chilled water, high and low pressure steam, industrial water and vacuum air. These systems support lab equipment such as fume hoods, growth chambers, autoclaves and subzero refrigeration and other research equipment. The Building Mechanical team is also responsible for over 4 miles of underground steam and chilled water lines that are connected through a series of tunnels and underground systems. We also: 

    • Maintain and repair all campus HVAC systems; test and maintain air flow and temperature alarms for sensitive locations.
    • Provide sheet metal fabrication and welding services.
  • Carpentry

    Our highly skilled Carpentry team can meet the demands and needs of the campus including custom mill work, minor renovations, improvements and repairs. Our work includes but is not limited to:

    • Concrete work 
    • Rough and finished carpentry 
    • Built-ins
    • Glass
    • Flooring
    • Ceiling and wall modifications 

    As UCR professionals, we often exceed industry standards in workmanship by utilizing quality materials driven by pride of ownership and a desire to provide you with outstanding customer service. 

  • Electrical

    Our electrical shop is responsible for one of our most vital resources; providing energy in the form of electricity and redundant power for our UCR campus at large. We manage the entire electrical infrastructure of 12kv and 4kv medium voltage supplied to all buildings and their electrical systems, components and lighting fixtures. The safe, efficient and sure delivery of electricity is first priority to meet campus demands for service by utilizing various technologies such as converting to LED lighting, occupancy sensors, digital controls, renewable energy and meeting Title 24 compliance. With over 30 backup generators across campus, we strive to minimize the impact to campus facilities due to power loss.

    See our new generator testing schedule.

  • Fire & Life Safety

    Our Fire and Life Safety team maintains and supports these systems with 24/7 on-call service: 

    • Elevator maintenance and operations.
    • Motion detectors, door alarms, glass break detectors, and panic alarms.
    • Ensure all systems are inspected and tested per federal, state, and local building and fire codes.
    • Maintain flood sensors, fire alarm door releases, fire dampers, smoke control activation and air handler unit shutdowns.
  • HVAC/R & Food Service

    Our HVAC/R team provides service to building systems for campus and housing facilities. These systems consist of direct expansion, ductless and heat pump units. We also:

    • Support food service equipment maintenance and campus research refrigeration, and growth chambers. 
    • Maintain and repair all refrigeration equipment including food service equipment.
    • Provide all refrigerant records to safety/compliance manager for EPA compliance reporting.
  • Paint

    The goal of the paint shop is to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for the students, faculty and staff. We are also responsible for: 

    Minor interior and exterior painting of buildings on campus. We have established certain color standards for general use throughout campus buildings. Special color requests or painting needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Minor renovations and other painting projects are completed with quality professional grade paints and highest of standards for a lasting fresh look and feel. 

  • Plumbing

    Our plumbing shop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all domestic and commercial plumbing and piping systems on campus to provide potable, industrial hot and cold water, natural gas, sewage and storm water drainage systems for our campus. Our team of professionals promote a healthy and safe environment by performing regularly scheduled maintenance. We also respond to service calls ensuring a dependable water supply for restrooms, hydration stations, food services, residential, dining and research spaces. We provide expert installation of new systems for models and renovations. 

  • Residential Zone Maintenance

    Our Zone Maintenance mechanics provide service for all of our residential housing facilities. We also: 

    • Perform general routine maintenance of appliances, plumbing fixtures and doors.
    • Maintain outdoor recreational swimming pools, fire places and gas grills.
  • Sign Shop

    Our Sign Shop supports the addition, replacement, and updating of space signs (including name insert) which are approved through the campus Sign Program and Architectural Signage Programs. These types of nameplate wall signage must match existing building signage at this time. Click the link below to see signage examples and details.


    Signage requests are currently on hold.
    The Sign Shop's equipment is currently undergoing maintenance and all sign printing requests are currently on hold.

New Policy Effective Jan 2023
Key Policy

   Key Policy 

Generator Maintenance, NFPA 110 Testing

Learn which day your building is being tested and how you can prepare. During these tests, a less than 1-second outage will occur.

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