Client Support Services

Person holding a laptop on a headset with three other people

What we do

  • We aim to deliver extraordinary service and accurate information to everyone on campus so Facilities Services can provide a safe, healthy, growing, learning, and living environment.
  • Our mission is to be the premiere source of trusted, accurate, and timely information about the work we do for all who inquire.

Please reach out to our client center for all of your questions including the status of a work order. We can be reached at (951) 827-4214 or

About our team

  • Our client center is your first point of contact for everything facilities related. We receive, review, and quality check work order submissions for clients and staff. Our team also:
    • Determines priority levels and routes to the appropriate skilled trade(s).
    • Follows up on escalated issues and continues communication with customers as needed on heightened issues.
    • Communicates to leadership immediate concerns of potential campus impacts.
    • Receives emergency calls for service and dispatches appropriate staff to respond.
    • Assists the client with request for service beyond routine work, e.g. minor space modifications/renovation.
    • Monitors open work orders for timely completion and customer satisfaction.
  • Our analysis and asset management team works with facilities leadership to provide analytical numeric support related to budget, work performance, building analytical data, and more. We also:
    • Develop detailed reporting related to work order volume, history, accuracy, and analysis.
    • Provide analytical and strategic support for department initiatives, projects, goal setting, and campus-wide brand support.
    • Through the use of work order, warranty, and asset management tools, support building asset management and UC ICAMP initiative, including ongoing asset analysis and support, asset work updates, deferred maintenance, and capital planning documentation, and more.
  • In fiscal year 2022-2023, we:
    • Received and responded to 8,500+ emails.
    • Received 4,600+ phone calls.
    • Processed 17,200+ work orders to our crews.

For a more efficient service request

  • Provide photos or videos of the issue. Close up and wide-angle images help us identify the issue faster. Attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.
  • Include precise location details using landmarks or directions, e.g. back, left corner of hallway or under window sill.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the issue in the description. More details help us resolve the issue much faster.
  • When emailing about a request already submitted, include the request ID# in the subject line.

Lost items

  • If our custodial team finds a lost item, they will hold on to it for 24 hours and then submit it to UCPD’s lost and found. To submit a claim to UCPD, call (951) 827-3928 or email
  • There is also a lost and found at the HUB information desk on the first floor for items lost at the HUB.

Multimedia installations

  • Facilities Services does not install any department media, TVs, or cameras as this can void your warranty. Please contact Multimedia by email at or call the department at (951) 827-3041. If you have access to Media Works, you may enter a work order through the site.
  • FS can install hanging brackets and support additional electrical needs for installations via funded service request.

Portable heaters

  • Personal space heaters are not permitted on campus as the high voltage of the heaters trigger circuit breakers and may cause a power outage in your office or building.
  • If your room or office temperature is not within the average temperatures of 68-78 degrees, please feel welcome to submit a service request for temperature adjustment.