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Facilities Services is one of the largest departments at UC Riverside, employing 300 career employees. Our department consists of many units dedicated to providing exceptional service while maintaining an environment conducive to teaching, learning, living, working, and research for the entire campus community. To learn more about our units, select any of our services below. 

If you have any facilities related issues, please contact us for support at (951) 827-4214.

Client Support Services

Client Support Services's mission is to be the premiere source of trusted, accurate, and timely information about the work Facilities Services does for all who inquire.

Central Plant

Central Plant is the heart of the utility infrastructure on campus. Its plant operators operate and maintain chillers, high pressure boilers, and auxiliary equipment, such as compressed air and vacuum systems, domestic water, and pumps.

Energy & Engineering

Energy & Engineering aims to advance UC Riverside's energy and utility infrastructure, energy procurement, energy efficiency, energy renewables and campus-wide sustainability goals to make UC Riverside number one in energy management sustainability.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services provides quality maintenance and repair services in a timely, cost-effective manner for all campus facilities.

Environmental & Resource Services

Environmental and Resource Services provides a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all members of the campus community to live, learn, and work.