Energy and Engineering


What we do

  • Energy and Engineering aims to advance UC Riverside’s energy and utility infrastructure, energy procurement, energy efficiency, energy renewables and campus-wide sustainability goals to make UC Riverside number one in energy management and sustainability.
  • Energy and utility infrastructure
    • Our Energy & Utility Infrastructure service area improves and further develops for UCR's energy and utility infrastructure. We also:
      • Collaborate with several groups to identify & resolve critical infrastructure issues.
      • Support planning & design efforts for new construction and infrastructure projects.
        See our How Power Works presentation for 2022.
  • Energy management, sustainability outreach
    • We focus on campus-wide energy reduction, water conservations and overall carbon footprint reduction measures. We also:
      • Apply advanced energy management practices & system optimization.
      • Promote environmental leadership, community, health & wellness.
  • Engineering
    • Our engineering team supports maintenance and central plant operations through professional engineering services. We also:
      • Assist building commissioning efforts for electrical, mechanical, controls and overall utility systems. 
  • Energy and procurement
    • Our energy and utility procurement area has established partnerships with local utilities and their representatives. Our services also include:
      • Providing energy market trends, prices, volatility, risk management mitigation strategies for purchased utilities.
      • Minimizing utility costs, maximizing profits.