UCR Campus

Scheduled Outages


Facilities Services has an ongoing effort to inform the campus community of scheduled outages that occur on campus. This information is accurate and reliable but may change. Please inform all persons in your department who might be affected by the scheduled outages. If additional information is required, contact Facilities Services front desk, email us at facilities@ucr.edu.

Power Shutdown
Lothian Residence Hall (East and West)
July 2, 2021 from 8:30am - 2:30pm

The purpose of this power outage is to access the incoming switch and observe all connections for the proper metering connections. All power will be unavailable to the building. This will impact electricity, heating and cooling, and all other building services that require power. If additional information is required, please contact Kirk Quash, Electrical Supervisor at (951) 827-3112 / kirk.quash@ucr.edu or the Facilities Services front desk at (951) 827-4214 / facilities@ucr.edu.