Fire and Life Safety

Technicians in front of fire and life safety equipment

What we do for campus, remote sites, and auxiliary sites

  • Fire Alarms
    • Service, maintain, install, and certify fire alarms per NFPA72.
    • Manage smoke detectors, pull stations, flood censors, HVAC shutdown, smoke control systems, fire curtain smoke systems.
    • Manage air sampling systems.
    • Manage carbon monoxide detection systems.
    • Maintain fiber optic network infrastructure; FS backbone for fire alarms, HVAC, EMS/BMS network.
    • Maintain, operate and service the networking and reporting central station hardware and software.
    • Work directly with the DCFM.
  • Fire sprinklers/suppression systems
    • Service, maintain, and oversee certification of fire sprinkler systems.
    • Maintain deluge systems.
    • Maintain kitchen hood systems.
    • Manage fire sprinkler pump systems.
    • Manage dry suppression systems for critical infrastructure, such as server rooms, MRI rooms.
  • Elevators
    • Facilitate monthly and annual inspections and repairs.
    • Monitor and track elevator permitting with the Department of Industrial Relations.
  • Security Alarms
    • Install security alarms; service, maintain and inspect, conduct annual testing.
    • Install motion detection, panic buttons, window and door contacts, temperature monitoring, and glass break detection.

About our team

  • We made 1,186 fire alarm repairs in FY 22-23.
  • We received 600+ preventative maintenance work orders in FY 22-23.

See some of our work

For a more efficient service request

  • Provide photos/videos or a detailed description of the issue. For example, if a smoke detector is not working, please let us know the exact location and any other details you can provide to help us find it and resolve the issue. Attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.
  • Let us know the scope of protection you are looking to acquire from a security alarm system. Include the number of rooms, offices, and how many users. For example, are you looking for two panic buttons or a whole security alarm system?

Fire and life safety services

See the fire and life safety services and priority process covered under our guide.