Electric Shop

Electrical team

What we do

  • Provide energy in the form of electricity and redundant power for the UCR campus.
  • Manage the entire electrical infrastructure of 12kv and 4kv medium voltage supplied to all buildings and their electrical systems, components, and lighting fixtures. 
  • Utilize various technologies such as converting to LED lighting, occupancy sensors, digital controls, renewable energy, and meeting Title 24 compliance. 
  • Manage and test over 30 backup generators across campus to minimize the impact to campus facilities due to power loss.
  • Carry out new electrical installations and specialty work.
  • Lay underground conduit for new installations.

About our team

  • We made 100+ electrical installations on campus in FY 22-23.
  • We supported 14 capital projects in FY 22-23.
  • We received 3,000+ work orders in FY 22-23.
  • Our technicians received 700+ preventative maintenance work orders in FY 22-23.
  • Our team includes:
    • 2 High-voltage electricians
    • 1 Generator technician
    • 1 Lamper
    • 1 Electrician dedicated to ICAMP/maintenance
    • 1 Electrician dedicated to SL5 projects
    • 1 Electrician dedicated to lighting control
    • 2 Electricians dedicated to troubleshooting, maintenance, and installations

See some of our work

For a more efficient service request

  • Provide photos/videos of the area in question, such as receptacle/outlet labels and location. Attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.
  • Write as much detail as possible in the description. More details help us resolve the issue much faster.
  • For light bulb replacements— Tell us how high the blub is from the ground in approximate feet. This helps us determine what type of ladder to bring or if scaffolding is needed. Tell us how many lights total are in the room, and how many are out.
  • For fume hood bulbs— If the bulb is directly inside the fume hood, and not on the top, please know that EH&S will need to be called in first to clean out the fume hood. This is generally for fume hoods in older buildings, such as Pierce Hall, Pierce Annex, and Watkins Hall.

Electric services

See the electric services and priority process covered under our guide.