Zero Waste, Recycling, and Composting

Landscape Staff

What we do

  • Our goal is to divert 90% of municipal solid waste from the landfill through our Zero Waste programs.
  • Have currently diverted more than half the municipal waste previously sent to landfill.
  • Service the entirety of campus including apartments, residence halls, and dining facilities.
  • Manage waste, recycling, and composting removal from site containers and building dumpsters.
  • Manage waste transportation to the campus transfer station or vendor site for processing. 
  • Oversee an average of 3,300 tons of waste per year.
  • Promote recycling and composting through campus partnerships.
  • Administer 350+ dumpsters on campus, including recycling and compost.
  • Maintain 7 compactors on campus.

About our team

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For a more efficient service request

  • Provide the precise location, using landmarks when possible.
  • Provide photos/videos and as much detail as possible about the issue in the description. More details help us resolve the issue much faster. Attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.
  • Let us know the composition of the materials, e.g. cardboard boxes, paper, etc.
  • For hazardous waste material, please contact EH&S at extension 2-5528.

Recycling and refuse services

See the recycling/refuse services covered under our Guide to Services.