Pest control

An apple, milk, and brown bag lunch on a school desk in front of a green chalkboard

What we do

  • Follow campus integrated pest management guidelines.
  • Locate and seal off spaces where pests might be entering.
  • Use only green chemical treatments, if deemed necessary.
  • UCR is dedicated as a bee-friendly campus with Bee Campus USA and we work closely with the Department of Entomology on this initiative to save bees.

Preventative tips

  • Pests need food, water, and shelter. If these are unavailable, they will not come. 
  • If you must store food, use a refrigerator or steel container.
  • Never leave food in classrooms or labs longer than necessary.
  • Promptly toss all food trash in hallway trash containers.
  • Close floor electrical outlet covers.
  • Please do not bring in your own chemicals to treat pests, as these may not be licensed chemicals for our campus.

Download our flyers with preventative tips to post:

Flyer with preventative tips to keep rodents away





For a more efficient service request

  • Provide photos/videos of the issue and the location where the pests are entering, e.g. beginning and ending trail for ants. Attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the issue in the description. More details help us resolve the issue much faster.

Pest control services

See the pest control services covered under our Guide to Services.