Carpentry Shop

Six workmen in front of cabinets and corkboard

What we do

  • Door installations and repairs.
  • Greenhouse glass, window installations, and repairs.
  • Seismic bracing.
  • Maintain all seating in general assignment classrooms.
  • Hang whiteboards, tv mounts, and safety equipment such as AEDs and fire extinguishers.
  • Construct all framing on new minor renovation projects.
  • Hardscape repair; sidewalks, pathways.
  • Patching roofs.
  • Assist other trades to provide access to direct bury utilities for repairs.

About our team

  • Our team received 1,800+ work orders in FY 22-23.
  • Our technicians made 171 door repairs in FY 22-23.
  • We have 4 carpenters and 1 lead, collectively holding over 55 years of UCR service.

For a more efficient service request

  • For wall mounts— Provide a photo or mark the area of the wall you want something mounted with tape, paper, or a sticky note to best direct us.
  • For ceiling tile replacements— Provide a photo of the ceiling tile so we know what type of tile to bring to the location in advance.
  • Photo/video attachments can be added to a service request online following submission.

Carpentry services

See the carpentry services and priority process covered under our guide.