Service Level Guides / Rates

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Service Level Guides / Rates

Facilities Services provides the maintenance, operation, repair and light alteration to UCR classrooms, offices, research labs, on-campus housing communities, landscape and athletic facilities. Our service level guides outline services provided to campus by Facilities Services to address the campus's operational needs while also addressing regulatory or policy mandates. 

FY 22 - 23 Recharge Rates 
The rates below have been approved by the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) for fiscal year 22 - 23.
Rate Description
FY 22 - 23 Rate
Custodial / Housekeeping Labor Rate - per hour $47.77
Irrigator Labor Rate - per hour $77.10
Keys, 1st Key - per key $25.00
Keys, Additional Keys - per key $15.00
Laborer/Building Maint Worker Labor Rate - per hour $47.29
Landscaping Labor Rate - per hour $50.77
Project Manager Rate - per hour $120.35
Refuse Rate - Compost - per ton
Refuse Rate - Recycling - per ton 
Refuse Rate - Trash - per tip/per yard $9.93
Resource Management Labor Rate - per hour $50.42
Shops Skilled Labor Rate - per hour $98.43
Zone Mechanic / Painter Labor Rate - per hour $78.43


New Key Policy — Effective January 2023

An outline for key requests, control of master keys, and subsequent charges related to access requests to keep the campus secured for faculty, students, and staff.

UCR Campus Access Control & Key Management Policy
Key Policy

   Key Policy 

Service Level Guides (SLA)

Facilities Services (FS) provides a wide variety of services and support to UCR’s students, staff, and faculty. To download our various SLAs with the campus, click on one of the blue buttons below. 

Facilities Services Campus Service Level Guide
Facilities Services Campus Service Level Agreement Cover

 Campus Service Level Guide 

Housing, Dining & Hospitality Services Premium Service Level Guide
Housing & Dining SLA

Housing , dining  & hospitality service level guide 

Highlander Union Building & Costo Hall Service Level Guide
Highlander union building and costo hall premium service level agreement

Highlander uniion building & costo hall service level guide

Service Level Priorities

Facilities Services uses service levels to help our crews prioritize work and for reporting of different classes of work. The services levels below, described as "SL 1 - 6" are commonly used to prioritize work for Maintenance Services. We make sure each service level is assigned the appropriate service level based on the level of urgency of the work order. 
New Policy Effective Jan 2023
Key Policy

   Key Policy 

Generator Maintenance, NFPA 110 Testing

Learn which day your building is being tested and how you can prepare. During these tests, a less than 1-second outage will occur to emergency power.

   Testing Schedule 

Request a Repair


Key Pick up: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00-11:00 AM

Event & Move requests
must be placed
14 days in advance
 will be reviewed
on a case-by-case basis
as we continue to face staffing shortages