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Important updates

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Recharge billing for work orders has commenced. This includes:

Billing labor costs
Started billing Non-labor costs
Started billing purchase order expenses
ProCard expenses are still in progress

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Materials and services to support a work order will be billed soon. We are actively working with Business & Financial Services, or BFS, to import these other costs from Oracle.

When reviewing transactions posted, the work order number is referenced in the general ledgers data.

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How the billing process works

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Billable vs. non-billable

Work orders are identified as billable or no charge by Client Support Services. Billable work orders are based on the FS Guide to Services and approved recharge rates.

  • Billable work orders will have the billing type of “Actuals” or “Fixed Fee (keys/fobs).”
  • Non-billable work orders will have the billing type of “Core/No Charge.”


Valid COA combinations

  • Our work order system does not validate the Chart of Accounts, or COA, combination. Departments are responsible for verifying the appropriate COA with their Financial Manager(s) when requesting billable services from Facilities Services.
  • When work orders are fed into the Oracle system, COA combinations are then verified using BFS COA Budget and Oracle Validation criteria.
    • If any line of the billing file fails format or COA validation, an error email will be sent to Facilities Services outlining the errors.
    • If a COA fails to meet this criterion, FS will place the associated work orders with errors on “accounting hold” and a new COA will be requested from the customer. The billing extract will be rerun. Once a valid COA is associated with the work order, the “accounting hold” will be removed and billing will be captured on the next billing extract.
  • COAs with a budget end — related to contracts, grants, and capital projects — date:
    • Client Support Services will advise customers to verify the funding end date. State work is not guaranteed to be completed prior to a funding end date. Work is scheduled and performed based on the service levels.
    • Work order costs recorded on a work order are recorded as performed prior to the budget end date, and will post to the COA, even if the billing export date is after the budget expiration date. If work is performed after the budget end date, an alternative COA will be requested from the customer to bill the balance of the work order.
    • Materials and invoices are recorded on a work order based on the date the transaction has posted to FS ledgers.


Billing timeline

Billable work orders with valid COAs will be fed to Oracle as each export process is facilitated by ASSET Administrative Services. Details on the export process timeline are outlined below.

Extract Date Journal Ledger Date Journal ID # Charges
1/9/24 12/31/23 472216 Labor only
1/11/24 12/31/23 473383 Labor only
2/23/24 2/15/24 562359 Labor and some misc. costs
March TBD TBD TBD Labor, utilities, special agreements, and some materials.

Bimonthly billing: Future transactions will be dated around the 15th and the last day of each month, permitting holidays and weekends.

Work order cost dashboard

Choose the dropdown options below to filter and view billable and non-billable work orders for your organization.

To view a work order's cost details: Click a Request #, followed by its Request Hyperlink. 

Screenshot of how to access the Request hyperlink


Select the Download WO Cost Details tab, at the top, to download an Excel of the selected results.

Understanding the ledger

When reviewing journal transactions, you may want to look up the details of a work order. Here is how.

Look for the Journal Reference column. The work order number is the Request ID, and always begins with WOxxxx.

Screenshot of the Journal Reference column in a ledger


Open Find Request in the Facilities Work Order System. Use the digits from the WOxxxx Journal Reference as the Request ID criteria.

Find request using a Request ID


Scroll down to see the search results and click on the Request ID #.

Below is an example using WO31317. The Request ID is 31317.

Navigate to the Work Order - Financial link in the top, right corner.

Screenshot of the WO financial link


From here, you can view the Work Order Charges.

Screenshot of WO financial page