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Frequency of Landscape Services

Frequency of Campus Landscape Services

  • Turf Care
    Task Frequency
    Mowing Once a week
    Edging Twice a month
    String trimming Twice a month
    Aerating Annually, if needed
    Re-seeding Annually, if needed
    Fertilizing Annually, if needed


  • Irrigation
    Task Frequency
    Sprinkler repairs Within 2 days
    Mainline repairs Within 5 days
    Coverage testing Annually
    Run time adjustments 5 times a week, with drought restrictions
    Electric valve repairs Within 7 days
  • Planters
    Task Frequency
    Tree trimming, based on species Every 5 to 7 years
    Trim hedges Every 2 months
    Shrub pruning Quarterly
    Floral planting 3 to 4 times a year
  • Outdoor Pest Control
    Task Frequency
    Weed control Annually if needed
    Insect treatment As reported
    Rodent treatment As reported

Frequency of Campus Hardscape, Refuse & Recycling Services

  • Hardscape
    Task Frequency
    Power blow walkways Once a week
    Spot cleaning Once a month, if needed
    Pressure washing Annually. Due to drought, only for sanitation purposes. No aesthetic cleaning currently.


  • Street Cleaning
    Task Frequency
    Parking lot sweeping Twice a month
    Campus street sweeping Twice month


  • Litter Control
    Task Frequency
    Empty outdoor refuse cans 2 to 3 times a week
    Empty outdoor recycle cans 2 to 3 times a week
    Empty refuse dumpsters, residence halls 5 times a week
    Empty refuse dumpsters, apartments Twice a week
    Empty refuse dumpsters, Ccampus Twice a week
    Empty recycle dumpsters Twice a week
    Empty compost dumpsters Twice a week


  • Roof Cleaning
    Task Frequency
    Roof surface Annually
    Gutters Annually


New Policy Effective Jan 2023
Key Policy

   Key Policy 

Generator Maintenance, NFPA 110 Testing

Learn which day your building is being tested and how you can prepare. During these tests, a less than 1-second outage will occur to emergency power.

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