The North District construction project management team has received notification from Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) that they will be onsite to install the two water main lines from the Linden Street main line in to the project sites. the water main that is being connected to is located along the southern edge of Linden Street which will require a complete closure of both traffic lanes on Linden Street to safely complete the work. There will be two separate closures, one for each connection. 

The map above shows the locations of these two closures. 

  1. On Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th, the western connection will be completed. Linden St. will be closed from the Lot 25 driveway to Aberdeen Drive from 7AM to 6PM both days. No campus location will be isolated by this closure but Facilities located east of the SRC will have to be accessed via Aberdeen Drive and East Campus Drive. 
  2. On Saturday, November 16th and Sunday, November 17th, the eastern connection will be installed. Linden St. will be closed from Old Avocado Street to Aberdeen Drive from 7AM to 6PM both days. This closure will isolate parking lots 20-23, Glen Mor, Pentland Hills, EH&S and Parking Services. The project team has requested that the Corporation Yard gates are open during this closure to provide access for staff, residents, KUCR and emergency services. 

Also, if RPU has an emergency for any reason, they may stop work and have to come back at a later date. 

KUCR will be able to access the parking lot north of their buildings as that driveway will not be closed and they will have to access Linden Street through the Corp Yard. 

Please be reminded, this is the first of several small closures that will take place in the next couple of months to complete utility connections for the North District Project.