Facilities Services is proud to recognize Senior Custodian, Theodore Mendoza, as the May/June Staff Assembly “Get Recognized Award” recipient for his dedication to the UCR Arts and the California Museum of Photography.

According to the award nomination, upon receiving his assignment at UCR ARTS, Mendoza immediately took ownership over the locations by going above and beyond when it came to pest control, relations with community members that assisted us with facilities, keeping our facility green, and safety considerations for the staff and students. He is responsible for two buildings totaling approximately 75,000 square feet, along with three other locations outside of UCR Arts, and he willingly treats each building according to their specific needs.

Emily Papavero also noted in her nomination, “Just recently the staff at the Culver Center realized that photo work for our next exhibit which will be placed in the Culver is very sensitive to chemicals that might be used for cleaning the floors. When we spoke with Theo about this, he was already aware of the dangers and he already considered this when dealing with all work in the museums. This is the kind of consideration that he puts into his work at all times. He anticipates our every need and moves forward whenever possible. He is the eyes and ears of UCR ARTS and I could not do my job without him as a super partner.”

Theo, thank you for your hard work and dedication to Facilities Services and to the customers you serve.