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As you stand in the middle of campus looking Northeast to the Box Springs Mountains, you will notice that it reflects the desert environment that typifies most of the greater Inland Empire. UCR is a unique botanic gem in this environment made possible through the effective and efficient use of water drawn from the Bunker Kill and Hunt Track aquifers.

The irrigation system employed by UCR is both complex and durable. Elements of the system date back to a time when this was a Citrus Research Station. There are over 50,000 individual heads on campus, both drip and conventional. They are controlled through a series of approximately 2,000 valves, 80 satellite controllers, and a centralized irrigation computer. In addition, there are solar-powered systems operating in areas not readily accessible by an immediate power source. All these systems, specifically the length of irrigation timing, are impacted by changes in evapo-transpiration, (water requirements calculated from plant needs and the weather). We use the California Irrigation Management Information System, (CIMIS), as well as our own on campus weather station for information.

In addition, we perform water audits to determine the efficiencies of the irrigation systems, 'run-time multipliers', and precipitation rates. The efficiency and effectiveness of the system is affected by design, installation, weather, site conditions, and system wear.

With the campus' on-going construction, keeping the irrigation systems intact and operational is a large task. We are always striving to maximize our results and provide the best campus environment possible. However, in order to provide better service, we appreciate the feedback of the campus community. Please report any malfunctioning irrigation systems and thank you for your support.

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