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Campus Conversations with Chancellor Wilcox - Update

On February 13, 2017, Chancellor Wilcox held a campus conversation on facilities, infrastructure, and capital projects to expand communication and identify topics to address. Based on campus input from the discussion, improved centralized facilities management and increased maintenance and renovations of existing buildings and facilities were identified as top priorities to be addressed by Facilities Services. Through great collaboration and effort, our organization, in summary, has:

  • Created a new process for minor renovation projects to prioritize, schedule and complete work and continually post updates bi-weekly on http://rprojects.ucr.edu/.
  • Completed 238 minor renovations projects received by Facilities Services and is on track to complete all 303 projects by the end of Spring quarter. These include office refreshes, lab remodels, paint, carpet, HVAC and electrical upgrades.
  • Prioritized and completed the majority of backlogged work orders by:
    • Reassigning duties for carpet/window coverings with a vendor to expedite these work orders;
    • Hiring 8 laborers to assist journeymen to close out work orders more quickly;
    • Hiring two temporary Electricians to assist with lamping.
  • Reviewed lamping work orders to convert to lighting systems with an LED replacement through a contractor.
  • Updated our homepage for quicker access to submit a Trouble Ticket or Work Order and included information on how to report a problem.
  • Added a posting for Scheduled Outage Notices on our homepage.

Current activities and plans include:

  • Adjusting staff shift schedules to clean when there are fewer campus community members present, effective Summer 2017.
  • Continuing to post minor renovation project updates bi-weekly on http://rprojects.ucr.edu/.
  • Streamlining the work order process by way of our Customer Relations department:
    • Contacting customers to clarify work orders to complete repairs;
    • Scheduling jobs with customers to best meet their needs;
    • Notifying customers when work is on hold due to ordering of parts or scheduling a vendor.

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